Saturday, 23 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 22nd January
Dan Brusca - 91
Colin Grainger - 85
Jagie Rai - 41
My points came from DETONATES, LIBELS, CANDIES, VOMITS, HOLLER, EXTANT, FORDS, PIGGY, STONIER and ARTEFACT. However, this edition was more notable for Rachel Riley's laudable efforts to bring a bit of kinkiness to the proceedings...

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Face Of The Enemy - 4/5

Hustle: Tiger Troubles - 2/5
I think it's time the BBC called it a day on Hustle. It's usually entertaining enough and the pay-offs are as slick as ever, but the characters are going nowhere and it's all just a bit too familiar. Kelly Adams continues to be a superior replacement for Jaime Murray though, being both a better actress and not in the slightest bit smug as a character.

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