Saturday, 9 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Celebrity Big Brother: Day 4 - 3/5

British Transport Films: Elizabethan Express - 4/5
The BTF archive may just be one of the most important cultural documents of post-war Britain. This film in particular features some pretty stunning footage of the A4 locomotive Silver Fox.

The IT Crowd: The Red Door - 2/5
Sorry, tried to give this series another go after not getting very far with it first time around, but it's pants.

Celebrity Big Brother: Day 5 - 3/5
Celebrity Big Brother: Live - 2/5
That live show was beyond tedious. Unfortunately I don't feel any kind of connection to any of the housemates. I'm not rooting for any of them and I don't really care who wins. For that reason, Big Brother, I'm out!

Piers Morgan On Las Vegas: 4/5
Water rationing could be introduced to Vegas within two years and the water could run out in seven or eight. Ouch.

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