Sunday, 15 November 2009

Christians should stand up for Carrie Prejean

Things just don't get any easier for Carrie Prejean. Last week we learned of the existence of a so-called 'sex tape' which may or may not have forced her to settle her lawsuit against the Miss USA pageant. This week she got slammed for not betraying a confidential agreement by answering questions from Larry King. Then there came rumours that she lied about her age when she made the recording and that there might actually be even more recordings out there. Now on top of all that, it seems even some of her Christian supporters are sticking the knife in.

Let's hypothecate a little and say that Carrie did lie about her age in the recording and that she gave a misleading impression that there was only one such recording. Why would she do that? When we're in a tight spot we're all prone to making poor choices. Think how hard it must be if you know the world is watching your every word and that millions of people are just waiting for you to make a slip-up so they can tear you to pieces. Carrie had to deal with that. She had also become a poster child for the conservative movement, which had given her so much support. Isn't it natural that she wouldn't want to disappoint them or let them down in any way? What about her family, friends, church, publisher and all those who have drawn inspiration from her? Who wouldn't consider lying to protect them, no matter how misguided and wrong an act that may be?

None of this makes Carrie evil, a hypocrite, or less of a Christian. It simply makes her human.

Perhaps that's why some on the Christian right now appear to be turning against her. They turned her into an idol and her alledged lapses have knocked the crown they placed upon her head. They feel that they've been made to look bad for backing her and have turned away from her or, in some cases on her. What's striking about this is that it has nothing do with being a Christian, it's about politics and perception.

I think that the Christians out there who have turned on Carrie need to get back to basics. Have you forgotten about such things as love and forgiveness? Have you forgotten the words of Matthew 7:1? If Carrie lied then the Christian thing to do is forgive her and show her the love she needs to get back on track, not turn your backs on her. Being Christian means sticking by people, no matter how hard our faith in them is tested, because we only really advance as a species through love and compassion for eachother, not through damnation and abandonment.

I urge every Christian to go out there and stand up for Carrie, do something to defend her, show her she's loved no matter what. Post on Twitter or Facebook, comment on some blog posts, write an article, whatever. Carrie needs you, so quit complaining, step up and be a Christian!


Rachel Andrew said...

I haven't been following the Carrie Prejean story however it makes me terribly sad when I hear of fellow Christians leading hate campaigns - whether that be toward an individual or group. I fail to see where Jesus suggests we should act in this way to other people.

According to the Bible Jesus spent his time on earth hanging out with the outcasts and everyday uneducated working people. He socialised with prostitutes, tax collectors, lepers and other undesirables. Many of those he encounters were classed as ritually unclean in Jewish law. He entered the houses of people who had died, an act that would render him 'unclean'. He forgave people who had sinned, and healed those who were ill and even who had died - by touching them - despite their unclean status.

He also picked as his friends a normal bunch of working people - not the educated elite. They let him down at times, because they were human, and he forgave them.

If we, as Christians, are supposed to follow Jesus' example then we should be reaching out to people with love and forgiveness - even if we feel they have fallen short. We ALL fall short, all the time, and we all need forgiveness from each other and from God.

"Let the person among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her." John 8:7

Dan Brusca said...

Some relevant extracts from 1 John 3...

"This is what shows who are God's children and who are the devil's: anyone who fails to do what is right or love his fellow Christian is not a child of God...

Anyone who does not love is still in the realm of death, for everyone who hates a fellow Christian is a murderer...

Christ gave is life for us and we in turn must give our lives for our fellow Christians. But if someone who possesses the good things of this world sees a fellow Christian in need and withholds compassion from him, how can it be said that the love of God dwells in him?"