Sunday, 29 November 2009

Watched yesterday

Film no. 2292
The Big Kahuna - 3/5
Great performance from Kevin Spacey, but the film as a whole is perhaps better suited to the stage, where it originally appeared as Hollywood Suite. Would work well at the Old Vic.

From The Earth To The Moon: Mare Tranquilitatis - 4/5

Paradox: Episode 1 - 4/5
Despite the central plot device being so-far unexplained and thus quite absurd, this was a hugely entertaining an hour building up to genuinely exciting climax. Would perhaps be better suited to 45 minutes though.

Film no. 2293
The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas - 4/5
Not very often that you get to see films about WW2 from the persepective of children. Very watchable drama, but you'll probably need a box of tissues.

The Making Of Modern Britain: Little Britain - 4/5
I think a film about the Mitford sisters would be hugely entertaining.

Misfits: Episode 3 - 3/5

The X Factor - 1/5
Crushingly dull this week.

You've Been Framed! - 5/5
There's nothing funnier than clips of cats.

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