Sunday, 31 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Bad Girls: Marriage Of Inconvenience - 3/5
Most gross oral sex scene in a mainstream drama ever!

Big Love: Eviction - 4/5
I started watching Big Love a few years ago, but due to the appalling scheduling it had in the UK, didn't even get to finish season one. Subsequent seasons never got here at all. It's a shame because it's a superb show. However, now I have a multi-region DVD player, I can now re-engage with it via Region 1. Huzzah!

Hustle: The Father Of Jewels - 1/5
An episode in which Matt DiAngelo takes centre-stage. Ugh. His character is phenomenally dull. Couldn't bare to watch beyond the first 20 minutes. I've decided to wave goodbye to Hustle now, I think it's safe to say it's reached the natural end of it's life and it's time for the BBC to pull the plug.

Nurse Jackie: Pupil - 4/5

In Treatment: Season 1, Week 1, Laura - 4/5
Sky Arts started showing this last October but because I was in America I missed the early episodes, so had to miss the entire run. Luckily for me, Sky started re-runs last week. So glad they did because on the strength of this first episode alone I know it's going to be great.

30 Rock: Cutbacks - 3/5

30 Rock: Jackie Jormp-Jomp - 3/5

Newswipe: Episode 2.2 - 5/5

The Good Wife: Pilot - 4/5
Looks like a fairly conventional legal drama, but this first episode was pretty good. Julianna Margulies is a good lead and David Paymer and Titus Welliver are classy support.

Survivors: Episode 2.2
OK, but felt like it went on forever. I think I'm losing patience with the concept of hour-long drama. Maybe I watch too much American TV ^_^

90210: Environmental Hazards - 2/5
Fully expected to watch a few minutes of this then give up on it for good, but it seems my addiction to AnnaLynne McCord is much stronger than even I realised!

Random photo of the day

Cressbrook Weir on the river Wye in Derbyshire, November 2008.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 29th January
Dan Brusca - 85
James Rawson - 76
Howard Lovelady - 71

24: Day 8, 5pm-6pm - 4/5

Heroes: Hysterial Blindness - 3/5

Random photo of the day

A donkey on the beach in Skegness, September 2007.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 28th January
James Rawson - 100
Toni Balestra - 90
Dan Brusca - 84

The Inbetweeners: The Xmas Prom - 4/5

QIXL: Gallimaufrey - 4/5

The Bible: A History: Creation - 3/5

24: Day 8, 4pm-5pm - 4/5
The new CTU looks a bit too shiny. Everything is reflected in everything else. I imagine it's the kind of place where you're likely to walk into a glass door. At least it has Katee Sackhoff, which is never a bad thing. Here's hoping she doesn't spend the entire season batch processing data volumes or other such bollocks.

Random photo of the day

Taken at the reservoir near Breaston, Derbyshire, December 2004.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 27th January
James Rawson - 105
Dan Brusca - 82
Phil South - 41

Sons Of Anarchy: Pilot - 4/5

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Tapestry - 1/5
Possibly the most boring episode of Star Trek ever.

Modern Family: Up All Night - 4/5
Sofia Vergara is so hot when she's angry...

The Big Bang Theory: The Cornhusker Vortex - 3/5

The Big Bang Theory: The Guitarist Amplification - 3/5

Grey's Anatomy: Good Mourning - 4/5
Nice to see season 6 maintaining the high standard of season 5.

Spaced: Beginnings - 2/5

Random photo of the day

Randomly snatched photo on the train from Skegness to Long Eaton, somewhere in Lincolnshire, September 2007.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 27th January
James Rawson - 87
Dan Brusca - 70
Glenn Sheasby - 62
Didn't score from the numbers, but came up with a plethora of words: STONKER, SALIENT, ARSENAL, COUNSEL, BAILED, SPAWNED, BEMOANS, CROFTER, SQUARES and DECREPIT.

The Wire: Misgivings - 4/5

Leverage: The Nigerian Job - 2/5
A US version of Hustle in all but name, this is nowhere near is slick and the pay-offs lack the sophisticated plotting of the BBC original.

Random photo of the day

Some random gubbins aboard Soviet submarine B-39 in San Diego, 8th October 2009. You can read more about the submarine here.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 23rd January
James Rawson - 107
Dan Brusca - 71
Colin Grainger - 69

Peep Show: Dance Class - 4/5

Film 2329
The Day The Earth Stood Still - 3/5
Having not seen the original, I was able to watch this with an open mind and I kind of enjoyed it. It's all a bit daft, but it's perfectly watchable and Keanu Reeves is pretty good.

Nip/Tuck: Briggette Reinholt - 3/5

Random photo of the day

Failing light over Pacific Beach, California, 11th October 2009.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Film 2328
A Prophet - 3/5
A decent addition to the prison movie genre, but it's overlong and drags in places.

Damages: I Lied, Too - 3/5

America's Next Top Model: How Short Can You Go - X/5
Unrated as I got about ten minutes in and decided I just don't give a damn any more.

90210: The Porn King - 2/5
I really am only watching this to see AnnaLynne McCord now. Not sure how long that can last though. I would be surprised if I was still watching by the end of the season.

Newswipe 2.1 - 4/5

Random photo of the day

Whale riding at SeaWorld San Diego, 12th October 2009.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Peep Show: Funeral - 4/5

Film 2327
Transsiberian - 3/5
A watchable, Hitchcockian thriller with some nice photography, but with a cop-out ending.

Funniest Ever You've Been Framed - 4/5

Glee: Acafellas - 3/5
I think I'm over this now. I revisited the first episode a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it muchly, but I now have a feeling that once you've seen one episode of Glee, you don't really need to see any more. There's really nothing wrong with the programme, but for me, it's not appointment-to-view TV.

30 Rock: Apollo, Apollo - 4/5

Random photo of the day

A chicken at (I think) Upper Booth, in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire, May 2008. Award-winning photography, every day!

Click the photo if you inexplicably desire a 1600x1200 version.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 22nd January
Dan Brusca - 91
Colin Grainger - 85
Jagie Rai - 41
My points came from DETONATES, LIBELS, CANDIES, VOMITS, HOLLER, EXTANT, FORDS, PIGGY, STONIER and ARTEFACT. However, this edition was more notable for Rachel Riley's laudable efforts to bring a bit of kinkiness to the proceedings...

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Face Of The Enemy - 4/5

Hustle: Tiger Troubles - 2/5
I think it's time the BBC called it a day on Hustle. It's usually entertaining enough and the pay-offs are as slick as ever, but the characters are going nowhere and it's all just a bit too familiar. Kelly Adams continues to be a superior replacement for Jaime Murray though, being both a better actress and not in the slightest bit smug as a character.

Random photo of the day

The Hope Valley, Derbyshire, from the southern slopes of Kinder Scout. Taken January 2008.

Click the photo for a 1024x768 version.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 21st January
Oliver Garner - 81
Mark Goodliffe - 75
Dan Brusca - 48
Garner came from 26 points behind to win and achieve octochamp status. Goodliffe wasn't impressed. My points came courtsy of TAPPER, GELATIN, SWAINS, SENATE, CALMED and PASTIES.

QIXL: Germany - 4/5

Law & Order Criminal Intent: Art - 4/5
From this I learned that paintings created after 1945 contain a higher level of radiation than those created before because of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is a useful way of detecting post-war forgeries of paintings created before '45.

Heroes: Acceptance - 3/5

Random photo of the day

Richard the Lionheart leading the charge at Westminster, May 2009.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 19th January
Oliver Garner - 115
Wendy Tripp - 38
Dan Brusca - 34
My only points-scoring words were ORGANIC and TEASING, plus the conundrum, TOOTHCOMB.

Countdown: 20th January
Oliver Garner - 97
Daphne Lord - 67
Dan Brusca - 48
Better, but still poor. Points from BERATE, GRAMPS, TENSIONS, DIARISE, REALTOR, LOCATED and FROTHED.

Las Vegas: Urban Legends - 3/5

Film 2326
Breaking And Entering - 2/5
Starts out interesting enough, but it's pretty much downhill all the way from there, becoming increasingly unconvincing and tedious. Among the cast, Robin Wright Penn is supposed to be playing a Swedish woman raised in America, which makes her thick Dublin accent something of a mystery.

Random photo of the day

Zac in the snow near Breaston, Derbyshire, February 2007.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Random photo of the day

A view along the remote northern edge of Kinder Scout, Derbyshire, May 2008.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 veriosn.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 19th January
Oliver Garner - 99
Dan Brusca - 69
Keith Bush - 48

The Big Bang Theory: The Creepy Candy Corollary - 3/5

The Palace: Episode 1.8 - 4/5

The Shield: All In - 4/5

Paul Merton In Europe: Episode 1 - 2/5

Nurse Jackie: Steak Knife - 4/5

Random photo of the day

Zac in the snow on Coffin Walk, Breaston, February 2009.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Film 2325
Up In The Air - 4/5
It loses it's way somewhat in the final third, but overall this is a sparkling, engaging and enjoyable drama with excellent performances.

Damages: Because I Know Patty - 3/5
Finally finished the first season, still not much wiser as to what was actually going on but Ted Danson was a revelation throughout.

30 Rock: The Bubble - 3/5

Piers Morgan On Marbella - 4/5

90210: Sit Down And Stop Rocking The Boat - 3/5
There will come a point where I have to admit I'm only watching this because of AnnaLynne McCord's amazing body, but I'm not there just yet.

Nip/Tuck: Enigma - 4/5

Harry Hill's The Best Of TV Burp 9 - 4/5

Random photo of the day

Somewhere on Hampstead Heath, May 2008. Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version, though I can't imagine why you would want it!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Watched yesterday

CSI Miami: Dead Woman Walking - 3/5

Glee: Pilot - 4/5
Glee: Showmance - 4/5
Decided to give this another go and I'm glad I did because I enjoyed it much more this time around. Not sure that it has much longevity as a series though as all high school dramas have a limited shelf-life simply by virtue of the characters getting older and leaving school. That said, they could evolve the cast with new characters joining the Glee club each year as the older ones move out.

Survivors: Episode 2.1 - 4/5

Random photo of the day

Roses on the wane in Regent's Park, London, June 2007.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 15th January
Oliver Garner - 114
Dan Brusca - 68
Garry Brough - 67

The Wire: Know Your Place - 4/5

Film 2324
Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans - 3/5
If you like the first two Underworld films, you'll like this. If you didn't, you won't. It's really that simple. Personally, I think Mark Kermode is right when he says this is the best of the three, but I enjoy them whereas he doesn't. Rhona Mitra ably fills the hot vampire role Kate Beckinsale took in the first two films (though the character is different). Bill Nighy also is a joy to watch.

Law & Order UK: Samaritan - 4/5
By far and away the best drama on ITV in years and perhaps even the best iteration of the Law & Order franchise.

Random photo of the day

My border collie, Zac, in the local reservoir near Breaston in Derbyshire, May 2005. Quite literally a 'reservoir dog'. The power station in the background is Ratcliffe-On-Soar.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 14th January
Oliver Garner - 113
Andy Hewitt - 67
Dan Brusca - 53
Pretty poor performance, my only scoring words being SWIPE, SOAKS, GRATING and BLONDE.

Two Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps: Spunk - 2/5

Heroes: Ink - 4/5

Hustle: Episode 6.2 - 4/5

Nurse Jackie: Tiny Bubbles - 5/5

Question Time - 4/5
I believe Peter Hain was sincere, but it was still highly enjoyable to see him getting a kicking anyway. Shappi Khorsandi's answer to the question about the failed Hoon/Hewitt plot was embarassing.

Random photo of the day

Taken on the Monsal Trail in Derbyshire, November 2008, this stone wall may actually be the remnants of a railway station or halt. The trail follows the route of the former Midland Railway from Wye Dale to Bakewell.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 13th January
Oliver Garner - 105
Dan Brusca - 71
Troy Ramsey-Axelsson - 22
The gay Australian flight attendant didn't do so well... My points came from BOASTERS, NOTION, RECASTING, PIRACY, DEFAME and ACTIVES.

QIXL: Girls and Boys - 3/5

Heroes: Orientation - 3/5

Heroes: Jump, Push, Fall - 4/5

CSI New York: Manhattan Manhunt - 4/5

Random photo of the day

A panda asleep in a tree at San Diego Zoo, 9th October 2009.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 12th January
Oliver Garner - 84
Jan Parker - 72
Dan Brusca - 46
Bit of a woeful performance after Monday's success. I blame Rachel for wearing a dubious dress. My points came from DEMOTE, TALK, COTTON, STEERING, VESTED and SAMPLE.

The West Wing: Five Votes Down - 4/5

The Big Bang Theory: The Pirate Solution - 4/5

Nurse Jackie: School Nurse - 4/5
Nurse Jackie: Daffodil - 4/5
O'Hara is damn sexy...

Harry Hill's The Best Of TV Burp 8 - 4/5

Random photo of the day

An apartment block in downtown San Diego, 8th October 2009.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 11th January
Dan Brusca - 79
Jan Parker - 65
Robert Kennedy - 40
A comfortable win to start the new year. Good to see Rachel Riley back - her commitment to tiny dresses is appreciated... My points came courtesy of EXPLAIN, COLONIAL, MANATEES, MINUTES, MOVES, BANDITO, JACKET, POINTER and SYBARITE.

Hotel Babylon: Episode 2.5 - 3/5

Nurse Jackie: Sweet 'n' All - 5/5

90210: To Sext Or Not To Sext - 3/5

Nip/Tuck: Don Hoberman - 4/5

Nurse Jackie: Chicken Soup - 4/5

Random photo of the day

Just some random water and bush-type stuff on Coffin Walk, Breaston, Derbyshire in December 2004. Not much of a photo, for sure, but them's the breaks...

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Film 2322
The Road - 3/5
Technically accomplished, but unfortunately pretty boring. The kid's performance is overrated too. He spends most of the film being wrapped up by Viggo Mortensen.

30 Rock: The Funcooker - 4/5
Jane Krakowski is an amazing comic actress.

Film 2323
Surveillance - 3/5
Takes a long time to get into this, but the final quarter, presaged by a neat twist is very good. Bill Pullman gives a suitably unhinged performance.

Law & Order: By Hooker By Crook - 3/5

Harry Hill's The Best Of TV Burp 7 - 4/5

Top Gear - 4/5

Great British Railway Journeys: Liverpool TO Eccles - 2/5
Way too MOR.

Hustle: And This Little Piggy Had Money
The pre-credits sequence featuring Kelly Adams re-creating Kylie's 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' video was inspired and Adams herself is way hotter than Kylie.

90210: To New Beginnings! - 3/5
The plot is entirely vapid, but if you're guy the only reason to watch this is for the girls, of which AnnaLynne McCord reigns supreme.

In other TV-related news, I finally got fed up of not being able to get certain American shows over here, either on TV or DVD, so have ordered a Philips multi-region DVD player from Richer Sounds. To go with it, I've also ordered some R1 DVDs:

- United States of Tara S1
- Popular S2
- The Closer S2
- Kings
- This Space Between Us (film starring Leslie Bibb)

I've also picked up a few more R2s:

- Big Love S1 (subsequent seasons will be R1 only)
- Friday Night Lights S1 (again, something which never got further on R2)
- Sex And Death 101 (another Leslie Bibb film)

Most of these have been ordered via Amazon (both and .com), the exception being United States of Tara which is from Play USA. It's out of stock though, which seems to be the case for literally about 90% of titles they have listed. Not very impressive at all.

Random photo of the day

A sign at Litton Mill railway cutting on the Monsal Trail, Derbyshire, November 2008.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Wainwright Walks: Scafell Pike - 4/5
I want to do this walk. Looks epic. There was a guy on this who ran up 70 fells for his 70th birthday and once did Scafell Pike in 47 minutes. Madness!

Film 2321
The Cottage - 4/5
Hugely entertaining horror comedy featuring excellent performances from Andy Serkis, Reece Shearsmith and a gloriously potty-mouthed Jennifer Ellison.

Random photo of the day

Something random onboard the USS Midway, San Diego, 8th October 2009. Ten points to anyone who can tell me what the hell this is.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Celebrity Big Brother: Day 4 - 3/5

British Transport Films: Elizabethan Express - 4/5
The BTF archive may just be one of the most important cultural documents of post-war Britain. This film in particular features some pretty stunning footage of the A4 locomotive Silver Fox.

The IT Crowd: The Red Door - 2/5
Sorry, tried to give this series another go after not getting very far with it first time around, but it's pants.

Celebrity Big Brother: Day 5 - 3/5
Celebrity Big Brother: Live - 2/5
That live show was beyond tedious. Unfortunately I don't feel any kind of connection to any of the housemates. I'm not rooting for any of them and I don't really care who wins. For that reason, Big Brother, I'm out!

Piers Morgan On Las Vegas: 4/5
Water rationing could be introduced to Vegas within two years and the water could run out in seven or eight. Ouch.

Random photo of the day

A malevolent, monolithic rock looms from the mist on Kinder Scout, Derbyshire, January 2008.

Click the photo for a 1024x768 version.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Law & Order Special Victims Unit: A Single Life - 3/5

QI: Genius - 4/5

Nurse Jackie: Pilot - 5/5

Breaking Bad: ABQ - 4/5
Loved the reveal as to what was really going on in all those pre-opening titles sequences this season. This show can't return soon enough.

Random photo of the day

The derelict pithead at Annesley Colliery, Nottinghamshire, March 2005.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Watched yesterday

The IT Crowd: Fifty-Fifty - 2/5
Would be much better of Katherine Parkinson didn't over-act so much.

Film 2319
Once - 4/5
To start out with, this film really irritated me. I just found the two central characters annoying. However, it all clicked when they performed 'Falling Slowly', the song which won them an Oscar in 2008. From then on I just 'got' the film. Towards the end, there's another song called - I think - 'When Your Mind's Made Up' which would be worthy of Radiohead.

Celebrity Big Brother: Day 2 - 4/5

The Vice: Lovesick, Part 2 - 2/5

Celebrity Big Brother: Day 3 - 3/5

Random photo of the day

A trainer rides her whale at SeaWorld San Diego, 12th October 2009. The trainers are there at the birth of the whales and look after them on a lifelong basis. I find that amazing. There must be such a bond (which of course helps with the training).

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Watched yesterday

The Office: Sexual Harassment - 4/5

Film 2318
Hancock - 3/5
Bit of a strange one this because it's two very different films. Same cast and characters, but halfway through it veers off in a completely unexpected direction with a grinding gear change in tonal shift. It feels like a lot has been cut, something supported by the very short ~80 minute runtime. It doesn't completely work, but it's perfectly watchable entertainment with some impressive CGI and Charlize Theron is beyond gorgeous.

The Big Bang Theory: The Gothowitz Deviation - 4/5

The IT Crowd: Yesterday's Jam - 4/5

The IT Crowd: Calamity Jen - 4/5

Random photo of the day

The area immediately to the south of the London Eye, from the London Eye, with Waterloo station the dominant building. Taken in April 2006.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Watched yesterday

24: Day 7, 4pm-5pm - 3/5

Law & Order Special Victims Unit: Payback - 3/5

24: Day 7, 5pm-6pm - 4/5

24: Day 7, 6pm-7pm - 4/5

24: Day 7, 7pm-8pm - 4/5

Breaking Bad: Phoenix - 3/5

Celeberity Big Brother: Day 1 - 4/5
Davina McCall retweeted me. FTW!

Random photo of the day

Two killer whales at SeaWorld San Diego, 12th October 2009. They have names, but I have no idea what they are. I don't think either are Shamu. I didn't see the big Shamu show ("Shamu - Believe!", or something) but I did see the early day show, which shows how they go about training the whales. Still impressive though if you've never seen flying whales.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Film 2317
An Education - 3/5
Superb performances, but the film is somewhat slight and predictable. Rosamund Pike is as beautiful as ever, if not more so.

Law & Order Criminal Intent: One - 4/5

24: Day 7, 2pm-3pm - 4/5

24: Day 7, 3pm-4pm - 4/5

Celebrity Big Brother Live Launch - 3/5
A bit disappointed by the line-up, but it was ever thus with CBB. Based on what little I've seen so far, I would at this stage predict Jonas Altberg to win, but I want Katia Ivanova to win, though she probably has no chance at all. Heidi Fleiss looked like death warmed-up...

Random photo of the day

East Heath Road, near Hampstead Heath, London, May 2008.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Law & Order: Everybody's Favorite Bagman - 3/5

24: Day 7, 11pm-12am - 4/5

24: Day 7, 12am-1am - 3/5

Breaking Bad: Mandala - 4/5

24: Day 7, 1am-2am - 4/5
Jon Voight has been a tremendous addition to the cast.

Random photo of the day

This is my friend Lucina, in Manchester, August 2005. She works as a professional dominatrix and doesn't enjoy having her photo taken.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Watched yesterday (contains Doctor Who spoilers)

Doctor Who: The End Of Time, Part Two - 5/5
For much of this, I had no idea what was going on. Some guff about a 'white point star' and time locks. It was entertaining though. However, once the story had been tied-up, writer and producer Russell T. Davies took the 10th Doctor on an incredibly moving, valedictory sweep through friends and companions past, culminating with a visit to 2005 and a pre-Doctor Rose. Of course the Doctor of 2005 was Christopher Eccleston, so while we were saying an on-screen goodbye to David Tennant in this sequence, this was really Davies saying goodbye and handing over the chalice to Steven Moffat. He couldn't have done it better.

[Note: I heard last night that the Matt Smith sequence at the end was written by Moffat himself and filmed by his team.]

Las Vegas: And Here's Mike With The Weather - 3/5

24: Day 7, 9pm-10pm - 4/5

24: Day 7, 10pm-11pm - 4/5

Random photo of the day

The Dolphin Experience pool at SeaWorld San Diego, 14th October 2009. You can wetsuit-up and get in with the dolphins for ~30 minutes or so for $150. I fully intend to do this when I go back.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Friday, 1 January 2010

My top ten tweeters of 2009

1. Alaina Huffman - @alainahuffman
Who? - Actress, currently starring as Tamara Johansen in Stargate: Universe. Previous credits include Smallville, Painkiller Jane and other TV and film work.
Why? - To be entirely honest, I started following her because of a schoolboy crush on the gorgeous TJ in Stargate: Universe. However, Alaina herself is down-to-earth and absolutely lovely. Clearly proud of SGU and the people she works with, she takes time to reply to fans' tweets whenever she can. Her commitment to tweeting goes beyond the call of duty and provided one of the Twitter highlights of 2009 when she recently live-tweeted through the birth of her third child. Alaina simply makes Twitter a happier place for her 3,110 followers and Mr Huffman is quite possibly the luckiest man in the world.

2. Joshua Malina - @JoshMalina
Who? - Actor, best known for his roles as Will Bailey in The West Wing and Jeremy Goodwin in Sports Night, but with a long string of other credits to his name.
Why? - His terrific dry, self-deprecating sense of humour.

3. Sharon Horgan - @RealSharHorgan
Who? - Actress and comedy writer best known for Pulling, Angelo's and Free Agents.
Why? - She's one of, if not the finest comedic talent working in Britain today. She doesn't tweet often, usually during The X Factor, but pretty much every tweet is funny as feck.

4. Richard Bacon - @richardpbacon
Who? - 5 Live radio presenter and the undisputed king of TV crime show voiceovers.
Why? - It's kind of hard to describe Bacon's appeal. Listeners to his late night 5 Live show will know what I mean, but to the uninitiated he has a knack for mixing a knowing arrogance with a fascination for the mundane details of everyday life. It's unusual, but it works very well and makes him a compelling tweeter.

5. Peter Serafinowicz - @serafinowicz
Who? - Comedy actor and writer with numerous credits to his name including Black Books, Spaced, Look Around You, The Peter Serafinowicz Show and more.
Why? - Every day, Serafinowicz purposefully sets out to entertain his Twitter followers with jokes, often inspired by their questions or 'joke eggs'. The funniest free entertainnment to be had on Twitter.

6. Boyd Hilton - @boydhilton
Who? - TV and reviews editor of Heat magazine.
Why? - I started following Boyd as a result of his regular 5 Live appearances, usually on Simon Mayo's show. It's always interesting to read his views on TV and film, especially during the X Factor and like Alaina Huffman he generally tries to reply to tweets, which is always good. God knows why, but he follows me too!

7. Chris Addison - @mrchrisaddison
Who? - Comedian, actor and writer best known for The Thick Of It and Lab Rats.
Why? - Quite simply because he's an amusing tweeter.

8. Davina McCall - @ThisisDavina
Who? - TV presenter, the Queen of Big Brother and leading proponent of a poo at Paul's.
Why? - For some reason Davina irritates many people. I can't understand why because I think she's lovely. She's the most charming, engaging presenter on TV. As well as presenting Big Brother she's a big fan of the show and her enthusiastic tweeting during BB10 was one of its highlights.

9. Nicky Campbell - @NickyAACampbell
Who? - 5 Live Breakfast and TV presenter, formerly of Watchdog among other programmes.
Why? - Like Davina McCall, Campbell is an acquired taste for many, but I've always found him to be a top-notch presenter ever since the days of Central Weekend when I was a kid. His chemistry with Shelagh Fogarty on 5 Live creates one of the greatest double-acts in radio.

10. Denise Richards - @DENISE_RICHARDS
Who? - Actress, star of Starship Troopers, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Tomorrow Never Dies and many other films and TV shows including her own, 'It's Complicated'.
Why? - To read the tweets of Denise Richards is to step into a world of pure happiness and positivity, where the sky is full of rainbows and the trees are made of candy, where ponies fly and... OK, so maybe I'm going a bit over the top there, but there's no denying that Richards is one of Twitter's more feelgood celebrities. It's easy to be cynical about such things, but for me a little bit of that stardust is no bad thing now and again.

Watched yesterday

The Inbetweeners: Will Gets A Girlfriend - 4/5

24: Day 7, 5pm-6pm - 4/5

24: Day 7, 6pm-7pm - 4/5

24: Day 7, 7pm-8pm - 4/5

24: Day 7, 8pm-9pm - 4/5

Random photo of the day

If you're a regular reader, you may well be here for today's Dan's Daily Desktop. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to bring you bad news.

Along with the new year I'm endeavouring to become a better 'netizen' and it's time to acknowledge that I've been getting away with posting other people's photos without permission for far too long and it's time to shape up. As a result, I've deleted all the past daily desktops.

For those of you who still want your daily fix, I recommend visiting the website from which I've been drawing every daily desktop, I'm sure you're familiar with it already.

There will be times when I do post other people's photos here, but only if something can genuinely be regarded as fair use or if, for example, it's a promo image released in connection with a TV show or movie release and I provide appropriate backlinks.

I still want to post something visual here every day, so will be replacing the girls with a 'random photo of the day', like the above, that has been taken with my own camera. They will be truly randomly selected, so some will be terrible, but there's some fun to be had in that. Clicking the photo will give you a 1600x1200 (or indeed 1200x1600) version.

Today's photo was taken last January in the snow at a reservoir near to my home here in Breaston, Derbyshire. The dog is Zac, my border collie.