Monday, 11 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Film 2322
The Road - 3/5
Technically accomplished, but unfortunately pretty boring. The kid's performance is overrated too. He spends most of the film being wrapped up by Viggo Mortensen.

30 Rock: The Funcooker - 4/5
Jane Krakowski is an amazing comic actress.

Film 2323
Surveillance - 3/5
Takes a long time to get into this, but the final quarter, presaged by a neat twist is very good. Bill Pullman gives a suitably unhinged performance.

Law & Order: By Hooker By Crook - 3/5

Harry Hill's The Best Of TV Burp 7 - 4/5

Top Gear - 4/5

Great British Railway Journeys: Liverpool TO Eccles - 2/5
Way too MOR.

Hustle: And This Little Piggy Had Money
The pre-credits sequence featuring Kelly Adams re-creating Kylie's 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' video was inspired and Adams herself is way hotter than Kylie.

90210: To New Beginnings! - 3/5
The plot is entirely vapid, but if you're guy the only reason to watch this is for the girls, of which AnnaLynne McCord reigns supreme.

In other TV-related news, I finally got fed up of not being able to get certain American shows over here, either on TV or DVD, so have ordered a Philips multi-region DVD player from Richer Sounds. To go with it, I've also ordered some R1 DVDs:

- United States of Tara S1
- Popular S2
- The Closer S2
- Kings
- This Space Between Us (film starring Leslie Bibb)

I've also picked up a few more R2s:

- Big Love S1 (subsequent seasons will be R1 only)
- Friday Night Lights S1 (again, something which never got further on R2)
- Sex And Death 101 (another Leslie Bibb film)

Most of these have been ordered via Amazon (both and .com), the exception being United States of Tara which is from Play USA. It's out of stock though, which seems to be the case for literally about 90% of titles they have listed. Not very impressive at all.

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