Thursday, 7 January 2010

Watched yesterday

The IT Crowd: Fifty-Fifty - 2/5
Would be much better of Katherine Parkinson didn't over-act so much.

Film 2319
Once - 4/5
To start out with, this film really irritated me. I just found the two central characters annoying. However, it all clicked when they performed 'Falling Slowly', the song which won them an Oscar in 2008. From then on I just 'got' the film. Towards the end, there's another song called - I think - 'When Your Mind's Made Up' which would be worthy of Radiohead.

Celebrity Big Brother: Day 2 - 4/5

The Vice: Lovesick, Part 2 - 2/5

Celebrity Big Brother: Day 3 - 3/5

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