Monday, 18 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Film 2325
Up In The Air - 4/5
It loses it's way somewhat in the final third, but overall this is a sparkling, engaging and enjoyable drama with excellent performances.

Damages: Because I Know Patty - 3/5
Finally finished the first season, still not much wiser as to what was actually going on but Ted Danson was a revelation throughout.

30 Rock: The Bubble - 3/5

Piers Morgan On Marbella - 4/5

90210: Sit Down And Stop Rocking The Boat - 3/5
There will come a point where I have to admit I'm only watching this because of AnnaLynne McCord's amazing body, but I'm not there just yet.

Nip/Tuck: Enigma - 4/5

Harry Hill's The Best Of TV Burp 9 - 4/5

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