Thursday, 21 January 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 19th January
Oliver Garner - 115
Wendy Tripp - 38
Dan Brusca - 34
My only points-scoring words were ORGANIC and TEASING, plus the conundrum, TOOTHCOMB.

Countdown: 20th January
Oliver Garner - 97
Daphne Lord - 67
Dan Brusca - 48
Better, but still poor. Points from BERATE, GRAMPS, TENSIONS, DIARISE, REALTOR, LOCATED and FROTHED.

Las Vegas: Urban Legends - 3/5

Film 2326
Breaking And Entering - 2/5
Starts out interesting enough, but it's pretty much downhill all the way from there, becoming increasingly unconvincing and tedious. Among the cast, Robin Wright Penn is supposed to be playing a Swedish woman raised in America, which makes her thick Dublin accent something of a mystery.

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