Sunday, 28 February 2010

Further notes on that YouGov poll

A few more notes on that YouGov poll from today's Sunday Times...

1. Fraser Nelson at the Spectator points out that if translated to an election result, the poll would give Labour 321 seats and the Tories 260, leaving Labour just five short of a majority.

2. A lesser reported tidbit from the poll is that for the first time in an age, Labour are more trusted on the economy than the Tories. This is absolutely key because as we all know, it's the economy, stupid.

3. It appears that the earliest editions of the Sunday Times had different poll results, ones that gave the Tories a 6% lead, yet in later editions that got changed to 2%. This requires an explanation.

Could there still be an election on 25th March?

Last week I speculated on the likelihood of Gordon Brown calling a general election for 25th March. If it was to happen, we would have received word over the course of last weekend. Well, that weekend came and went and so it seemed did any prospect of an election before the expected 6th May date.

Then this morning the Sunday Times published a YouGov poll that could be a possible game changer and bring 25th March back into play. It has the Conservatives at 37%, Labour at 35% and the Liberal Democrats at 17%. To put that into context, Labour won the 2005 general election with a 36% share of the vote, so they're just 1% off the pace.

Now it's important to say that this is just one poll and it's also YouGov's first poll under a tweaked methodology, which may have had some impact. However it does feed into the general trend in recent months of a decline in the Tory lead and regardless of its accuracy it will reinforce the idea that the tide is turning against them.

This reinforces my view that Brown's best chance of victory is to call the election for 25th March. The narrow gap between the parties means that a campaign is now winnable for the first time since he took office. In fact it's hard to see the benefits of waiting until May because March and April hold nothing but potential danger for the PM.

The first and, in my opinion, most minor danger is Brown's schedlued appearance before the Chilcot enquiry on Friday. Provided he keeps his cool, he should get through it with nothing more than a couple of days press scrutiny and if Iraq wasn't an issue at the 2005 election then it's hard to see how it would be now. However, a poor, tetchy performance from Brown could damage him. The bullying allegations have had no impact on Labour in the polls, but actually witnessing flashes of temper could make some people change their minds.

The second danger is the budget. We know from his recent interview with Sky News' Jeff Randall that Alastair Darling is working on the budget, but we still don't have a date. If there is a budget (and there would have to be one if it's a May election) it can only be received two ways, neither of them good for Brown. If it's an honest budget that sets out the scale of spending cuts and tax rises required, the voters will be spooked. Voters may want the truth, but as the saying goes, they can't handle the truth. If it's a dodgy budget that tries to hide the pain, the public will see it as as such and punish Labour accordingly. The budget is quite simply a lose/lose proposition.

The third danger is the Q1 2010 GDP figures which are due out on 23rd April. There's a real possibility that these could show the UK back in recession and in the middle of an election campaign that could be explosive.

If he chooses to then he has to go to the Queen tomorrow and seek a dissolution as there has to be 17 business days between that and the election. To do so would be highly unusual. Normally there's a few days between the PM seeking dissolution and it actually taking effect. This is known as the 'wash-up' period and it's used to tie-up the business of Parliament. The last time dissolution was sought and took effect on the same day was in 1924. Doing so tomorrow means that any legislation currently going through Parliament will have to be abandoned save for perhaps one or two important matters that Labour and the Tories can agree to speed through at a break-neck pace.

One final consideration is party logistics. Both the main parties are geared up for 6th May. For sure, they'll have plans for a snap campaign, but it's hardly ideal for either and it could be two weeks before polling day before both are fully up-to-speed. On the flip-side Labour's poor financial position makes a short campaign desireable, though when it comes to the crunch the unions will bail them out, so the importance of Labour finances can be somewhat overstated.

On balance I think that a 25th March election is now more likely than it was a week ago because the political planets are in alignment. But Brown is cautious - some would say a ditherer - so 6th May still has to be the favoured date. Maybe he'll surprise us though, going to see the Queen tomorrow would, finally, be a supremely confident act for a Prime Minister hitherto regarded as something of a bottler and for that, at least, he would deserve some credit.

Watched yesterday

The Inbetweeners: Field Trip - 4/5

In Treatment: Laura, Week 4 - 4/5

You've Been Framed! - 3/5

Mad Men: The Fog - 4/5

The Big Bang Theory: The Maternal Congruence - 4/5

Grey's Anatomy: Invasion - 4/5

Teresa Scott

Today's random photo is former glamour model and porn star Teresa Scott, taken at her place in Nottinghamshire, March 2005.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 26th February
Clarke Carlisle - 81
Raheel Mirza - 79
Dan Brusca - 76

In Treatment: Gina, Week 3 - 4/5

British Transport Films: Rail 150 - 5/5

My Family: My Funky Valentine - 4/5

Wallander: Sidetracked - 3/5
Second attempt at getting into Wallander. Failed again and gave up halfway.

Caprica: The Rains of a Waterfall - 3/5

Reservoir sky

Today's random photo is the sky over Breaston reservoir, Derbyshire, December 2004.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 25th February
Clarke Carlisle - 94
Alexander Johnston - 78
Dan Brusca - 49
Outclassed! Points from STEAMING, LADDER, BLOATERS and NOVATES.

The Office: The Fire - 4/5

In Treatment: Jake & Amy, Week 3 - 4/5

Shameless - 4/5

Sons of Anarchy: AK-51 - 4/5

What Katie Did Next - 4/5

Question Time - 4/5


Today's random photo is of railings along Coffin Walk, near Breaston, Derbyshire. Photo taken December 2004.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Dark Angel: Pilot - 3/5
Too long for an opening episode, but Jessica Alba's hot.

The West Wing: Mr Willis of Ohio - 5/5

Countdown: 24th February
Clarke Carlisle (the Burnley winger) - 73
Dan Brusca - 71
Adam Guest - 55

The Great Offices of State: The Dark Department - 4/5

24: Day 8, 10pm-11pm - 3/5
Snoozy episode, except for the insane sequence where Rene stabbed a guy in the face then stabbed Jack in the stomach, only for Jack to pull out the knife and thrown across the room to stab somenone else.

Mad Men: The Arrangements - 4/5

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares - 3/5
Watched it halfway then gave up.

Nip/Tuck: Alexis Stone, Part 2 - 4/5

West Heath Pergola

Today's random photo was taken at the West Heath Pergola, London, in May 2008.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 23rd February
Dan Brusca - 91
Adam Guest - 70
Barmey Maunder-Taylor - 51
I seem to be doing pretty well just lately. Yesterday's points courtesy of SOLDIER, HELPER, ENTRAILS, READINGS, CABOOSE, RAVAGES, FOLIAGE, HEEDING and RIOTOUS.

The Shield: The Cure - 4/5

The Good Wife: Fixed - 4/5

Lost: What Kate Does - 3/5
No idea what's going on. Some clarity would be appreciated.

QIXL: Gravity - 4/5

Border collie

Today's random photo is my border collie, Zac, in August 2006.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 22nd February
Dan Brusca - 104
Barney Maunder-Taylor - 77
Heather Badcock - 74

NYPD Blue: Pilot - 4/5
Sherry Stringfield and Amy Brenneman in the same televisual space. Nice.

In Treatment: Sophie, Week 3 - 3/5

Nip/Tuck: Alexis Stone, Part 1 - 4/5

Grey's Anatomy: Tainted Obsession - 3/5

MS Zaandam

Today's random photo is the cruise ship MS Zaandam, moored in San Diego on 8th October 2009. Two months earlier, a woman apparently commited suicide by jumping from the ship as it departed from Seattle.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version. Click here for more about the ship at Wikipedia.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Film no.2330
A Single Man - 4/5

Caprica: Rebirth - 4/5

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Episodes 3.4 and 3.5 - 3/5

In Treatment: Alex, Week 3 - 4/5

The British Academy Film Awards - 4/5
Glad to see that Avatar didn't win any big awards, especially happy to see Colin Firth and Carey Mulligan win.

Ladybower and Winhill

The western branch of the Ladybower Reservoir in Derbyshire, October 2006. The road is the A57, Winhill is in the background. The guy is my mate Steve.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Watched yesterday

QIXL: Gifts - 4/5

You've Been Framed! - 4/5

Harry Hill's TV Burp - 3/5

24: Day 8, 9pm-10pm - 3/5

In Treatment: Laura, Week 3 - 4/5

Law & Order Criminal Intent: The Faithful - 3/5

Pacific Beach

Today's random photo is the view from my hotel room at Pacific Beach, California, on 10th October 2009. For those interested, the hotel is the Best Western Blue Sea Lodge.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 19th February
Dan Brusca - 94
Heather Badcock - 77
Irene Wilson - 70

The X-Files: Grotesque - 3/5

Eastenders 25 - 5/5
Aside from a couple of camera wobbles, this live episode of Eastenders was a tremendous technical achievement.

24: Day 8, 8pm-9pm - 2/5

Oz: Animal Farm - 3/5

Peterborough cathedral

Today's random photo is of Peterborough cathedral, taken February 2008.

Click the photo for the 1024x768 version.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Has Chilcot scuppered a March election?

Iain Dale has just reported that Gordon Brown will appear before the Chilcot enquiry on the 4th or 5th of March.

On the face of it, this would seem to rule out a 25th March election, but on the other hand maybe it's not relevent at all. If Brown called the election, surely Chilcot would just postpone his appearance?

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 18th February
Heather Badcock - 71
Dan Brusca - 48
Stevie Wright - 38

Lost: LA X, Part 2 - 4/5

Sons Of Anarchy: Giving Back - 4/5

In Treatment: Gina, Week 2 - 3/5

What Katie Did Next - 3/5

30 Rock: Kidney Now! - 4/5

Ladybower and Pike Low

Today's random photo is the northern end of Ladybower Reservoir in Derbyshire, at the foot of Pike Low. Photo taken October 2006.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

A 25th March general election?

News today that Gordon Brown will be announcing Labour's four big themes for the upcoming election has me wondering if he might be on the verge of calling it for 25th March.

There is evidence out there to suggest such a snap poll may be in the offing...

1. If Brown was ever going to call the election for a date before 6th May, it was always going to be 25th March. 1st April and 8th April are out because of Easter. Other April dates would overlap with the timetable for the already scheduled local elections. With this week being half-term, an 18th March date would have either necessitated recalling Parliament this week to wind up its business, or doing that last week and having the first week of campaigning this week, again an awkward clash with half-term.

2. Last weekend we had Brown's interview with Piers Morgan, today he's held a cabinet meeting in Durham, this weekend we have him announcing those themes for Labour's campaign (accompanied by some cabinet heavyweights). It feels like an orchestrated effort toward something.

3. We still don't have a date for the budget. Bear in mind that the 22nd April 2009 budget date was announced on 12th February. Any budget Labour put forward now is bound to damage their poll rating, but if they wait until 6th May for the election they'll have no choice but to do a budget. They can escape this and other potentially negative economic news if they go for 25th March.

4. Similarly, by going now Brown avoids another potential bear trap, having to give evidence to the Chilcot enquiry, until after the election.

5. The Tory poll lead has been trending downwards for a few months now and they're looking distinctly wobbly on various policy issues. Brown may calculate that March is the best opportunity he's going to get.

6. Brown looks more confident if he goes for the earlier option. If he waits until May he risks looking like someone desperately clinging on, something the voters might punish.

7. Labour has no money. Can they afford six or seven more weeks of a phoney-campaign then a realcampaign after that?

8. Guido Fawkes tweeted this week that all Tory parliamentary candidates have been ordered to keep their Blackberries switched on throughout weekend. This doesn't suggest the Tories have some inside knowledge, but if Brown is to seek a dissolution next week then it will become clear this weekend, so clearly the Tories also consider the 25th a possibility.

On balance though, 6th May still looks the more likely date, but I don't think it's as certain as commentators have been predicting in recent months. One thing's for sure, we'll get to know either way over the course of this weekend.

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 17th February
Dan Brusca - 74
Heather Badcock - 74
Christopher Smith - 55

Thomas & Friends: Toby Feel Left out - 3/5

Newswipe - 5/5

Lost: LA X, part 1 - 4/5

Shameless - 4/5

Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares - 3/5
No idea why I watched this.

30 Rock: Mamma Mia - 4/5

F-14 Tomcat

Today's random photo is an F-14 Tomcat on the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego, 8th october 2009.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 16th February
Dan Brusca - 74
Christopher Smith - 70
Craig Chittenden - 69

Sons Of Anarchy: Patch Over - 4/5

Nurse Jackie: Pill-O-Matix - 4/5

Star Trek: The Naked Time - 3/5
An episode where the Enterprise is at the mercy of a drunken Irishman who kept singing 'Kathleen', Kirk bitch-slaps Spock and they discover timewarp.

Survivors: Episode 2.5 - 3/5
Shitty way for Sarah to go. She was nice.

Kinder Scout

Today's random photo is Kinder Scout in Derbyshire, as seen from the Great Ridge, near Mam Tor. You can just about make out the village of Edale.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 15th February
Dan Brusca - 82
Craig Chittenden - 76
Dan Brusca - 34

Criminal Minds: Psychodrama - 4/5

In Treatment: Season 1, Week 2, Jake & Amy - 5/5

Grey's Anatomy: (I Always Feel Like) Somebody's Watching Me - 3/5

Skins: Episode 4.2 - 4/5

Hampstead Heath

Today's random photo was taken on Hampstead Heath in May 2008.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Watched yesterday

CSI Miami: Simple Man - 4/5

Mad Men: My Old Kentucky Home - 4/5

In Treatment: Season 2, Week 2, Sophie - 4/5

Sons Of Anarchy: Fun Town - 4/5

The Good Wife: Home - 4/5
In many ways this is your typical legal procedural, but by simple virtue of being done very well it rises above other examples of the genre.


Today's random photo is my friend Lucina, a professional dominatrix, in Manchester, August 2005.

Clcik the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Watched yesterday

In Plain Sight: Pilot - 3/5
This pilot was a bit overlong. Could easily have been condensed into a standard ~45 minute episode. Mary McCormack's lead seems well-characterized though so it will be interesting to see where it goes.

CSI Miami: Evidence Of Things Unseen - 4/5

Harry Hill's TV Burp - 4/5
Philnut was robbed.

Nip/Tuck: Abigail Sullivan - 4/5

Shameless: Episode 7.2 - 4/5

Giant tortoises

Today's random photo is two giant tortoises at San Diego Zoo, 9th October 2009.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 12th February
Craig Chittenden - 101
Dan Brusca - 61
Mark Gascoigne - 34
Gascoigne did the worst ever Austin Powers impression. It was embarassing. My points came from STEELING, BRAVES, REMNANT, DETAIL, MUPPETS and FESTOON.

CSI Crime Scene Investigation: Early Roll Out - 4/5

In Treatment: Season 1, Week 2, Alex - 3/5
I think Alex is my least favourite character in this.

The Closer: Mom Duty - 3/5

Caprica: Pilot, Part 2 - 4/5
The seeds of an epic are sown.

Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares - 2/5
I'm through with the US version of this. It's exactly the same every single week. The most over-produced show on television.


Today's random photo is a friend, in her car, somewhere in Derby, November 2008.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 11th February
Craig Chittenden - 84
Dan Brusca - 78
Catherine Jackson - 75

Caprica: Pilot, Part 1 - 4/5
Some ropey CGI, but otherwise a very good start. I want Greystone's house.

Survivors: Episode 2.4 - 4/5

Modern Family: Moon Landing - 4/5

What Katie Did Next - 3/5

The Big Bang Theory: The Vengeance Formulation - 3/5
Featuring an *amazing* geek-heaven of a cameo from Katee Sackhoff.

The Big Bang Theory: The Gorilla Experiment - 3/5


Today's random photo is a swan in Regent's Park, London, June 2007.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 10th February
Craig Chittenden - 82
Dan Brusca - 64
Keith Chatton - 15

The West Wing: The Crackpots And These Women - 4/5

Friday Night Lights: Pilot - 4/5
Never thought I would be so drawn in to a game of American football. Promising start!

Modern Family: Fifteen Percent - 4/5

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Episode 3.3 - 3/5

Nurse Jackie: Ring Finger - 4/5


Today's random photo is random stuff in a hole at Annesley Colliery, Nottinghamshire in March 2005.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 9th February
Craig Chittenden - 92
Dan Brusca - 60
Alan Legg - 46

The Shield: On Tilt - 4/5
So ends season 3.

Thomas & Friends: Mighty Mac - 3/5

30 Rock: The Ones - 4/5

30 Rock: The Natural Order - 3/5

Survivors: Episode 2.3 - 4/5

Harry Hill's TV Burp - 4/5
The K Factor had me in tears. Vote Philnut!

Newswipe - 4/5

Sleepy lion

Today's random photo is a sleep lion at San Diego Zoo, 9th October 2009.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Watched recently

Firstly, a couple of plays last Saturday in London:

Red - 5/5
Teriffic play about one of my favourite artists, Mark Rothko. Alfred Molina turns in a stunning performance. I would recommend you go see it, but it finished on Saturday...

The Misanthrope - 3/5
Keira Knightley's stage debut is proof that yes, she really can act. All in all, a great ensemble cast, especially Knightley, Damian Lewis as the titular misanthrope and Tara Fitzgerald. Unfortunately, Martin Crimp's re-working of Moliere's satire is pretty flat in its second and third acts, which drags it down somewhat, but it's always livened when Lewis is on stage.

Yesterday's TV:

Countdown: 5th February
Jay Lopian - 81
Phill Thorne - 79
Dan Brusca - 37
Woeful performance with LOAFERS, FUMING, CARBINE and PATIENT providing the only bright spots.

Countdown: 8th February
Craig Chittenden - 97
Jay Lopian - 74
Dan Brusca - 74

Law & Order Criminal Intent: Smothered - 4/5

Law & Order Special Victims Unit: ...Or Just Look Like One - 3/5

In Treatment: Season 1, Week 2, Laura - 4/5

You've Been Framed! - 4/5


Today's random photo was taken from the churchyard of St Chads, Church Wilne, Derbyshire in August 2005.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Dog in the corner

Today's random photo is my border collie, Zac, in August 2006.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 4th February
Dan Brusca - 95
Jay Lopian - 69
Rosina Bellerby - 48

In Treatment: Season 1, Week 1, Jake & Amy - 5/5

Skins: Episode 4.1 - 3/5

In Treatment: Season 1, Week 1, Gina - 5/5

24: Day 8, 6pm-7pm - 4/5
24: Day 8, 7pm-8pm - 3/5
I think Katee Sackhoff is miscast. Since Battlestar Galactica she's had an image of being an ass-kicker, so turning her into what is so far quite a weak character is quite a change to what we're used to. It's not that she shouldn't play such characters, it's just that in a high testerone show like 24, the viewer expectation would be that she would be slapping people around all over the place.

Nurse Jackie: Nosebleed - 4/5

Newswipe - 4/5

The L Word

Today's random photo is a billboard advertising The L Word, taken in Manchester in June 2005.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Modern Family: Not In My House - 5/5

Countdown: 3rd February
Jay Lopian - 82
Dan Brusca - 77
Mark Abbitt - 37

The Big Bang Theory: The Adhesive Duck Deficiency - 4/5

The Good Wife: Stripped - 4/5

Grey's Anatomy - 4/5

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Episode 3.1 - 3/5

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Episode 3.2 - 4/5

Harry Hill's TV Burp - 4/5

You've Been Framed! - 3/5

Soviet submarine toilet

Today's random photo is a toilet aboard Soviet submarine B-39, taken in San Diego on 8th October 2009.

Click the photo for a 1200x1600 version.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 2nd February
Mark Abbitt - 70
Dan Brusca - 67
Norman Rudland - 61

The Office: Office Olympics - 4/5

Oz: Strange Bedfellows - 4/5

Mad Men: Love Among The Ruins - 3/5

Sons Of Anarchy: Seeds - 4/5

Edale Cross

Today's random photo is the signpost at Edale Cross, which lies at the top of the Jacob's Ladder route up Kinder Scout in Derbyshire. Photo taken January 2008.

Click the photo for a 1024x768 version.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Train Time

Continuing my trawl through the archives of British Transport Films, last night I watched their 1952 film, 'Train Time'.

The film is a partially dramatized look at how British Rail scheduled and organized trains, especially freight trains, at the the time. It shows how different regions co-ordinated their rolling stock requirements and how new scheduled services were worked into the timetable.

There were two points of interest for me. Firstly, the film starts out with a farmer taking his broccoli crop to a Cornwall freight yard for transportation to London. The sequence serves as a jump-off point to show how BR was able to move rolling stock from different parts of the country to make up the special trains required to transport the annual crop. All very worthy I'm sure, but you have to wonder how many cinema-goers sat their saying "that's not broccoli, it's cauliflower" because there isn't a single floret of broccoli in the entire thing, despite the insistent voiceover.

Secondly, there's a sequence showing the freight yards at Toton in Derbyshire. The above still is the main control room at Toton, at the foot of Toton Hill. Back in the day, Toton was one of the largest, if not the largest, rail depots in the country. By the 1980s it was a pale shadow of its former self. Much of the sidings had been torn up and the main control room, together with other smaller control rooms (in a similar art deco style) had fallen derelict.

A friend and I used to regularly play there, including in the above building. We used to salvage railway memorabilia such as old timetables, some of which I sold at rail fairs in Derby, and bits of random equipment like control panels and so on, though we stopped doing that when I once tried to unscrew a light switch only for it to explode in sparks - we had been entirely oblivious to the fact that although derelict, the buildings were still wired to the mains...

There's a superb website featuring photos on Toton at Toton Rail. There's an aerial photo of the sidings here in which the main control room can be seen top-right. A more recent photo showing how the place has shrunk is here.

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 1st February
Norman Rudland - 77
Dan Brusca - 69
Howard Lovelady - 61

QIXL: Greats - 4/5

British Transport Films: Train Time - 3/5
Another post on this to follow.

Mad Men: Out Of Town - 4/5
The most perfectly crafted show in the history of television.

In Treatment: Season 1, Week 1, Sophie - 4/5

Random photo of the day

Torpedo tubes aboard Soviet submarine B-39 in San Diego, 8th October 2009.

Click the photo for a 1600x1200 version.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Watched yesterday

In Treatment: Season 1, Week 1, Alex - 4/5

Kings: Goliath - 4/5
This short-lived US series never made it to the UK, but thanks to my multi-region DVD player I'm now able to catch it on Region 1. This first episode was perhaps overlong, but it was interesting enough and Ian McShane is superb as the vain King Silas.

Shameless: Episode 7.1 - 4/5

Nip/Tuck: Jenny Juggs - 3/5

Shameless: Episode 7.2 - 3/5

Random photo of the day

Random stuff on the hangar deck of the USS Midway, San Diego, 8th October 2009.

Click the photo for the 1200x1600 version.