Saturday, 22 August 2009

Links of the day

Gosh, it seems like forever since I last posted any links. I won't apologise though, I've been busy!

Talk Of The Tyne speculates on Sol Campbell joining Notts County.

The Star News speculates on Carrie Prejean being lined up for Celebrity Apprentice. She's keen, apparently. I'm not so sure because she'll only bring more abuse upon herself, but then again the fact she stands up to all of that is one reason why I like her so much so if she does do it, then good luck to her!

[UPDATE: other reports say that Carrie isn't doing this due to scheduling conflicts.]

The LA Times reports on, err, hard times for the US porn industry.

Tim Montgomerie looks at what the Conservatives have achieved in twelve years of opposition.

Steve Rothaus Looks ahead to today's DtD Exchange '09 conference in Florida, which Carrie Prejean will be addressing.

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