Sunday, 2 August 2009

Leslie Bibb 'besieged'

Meet The Famous has a few photos of Leslie Bibb being 'besieged' by fans on her way to the G-Force after-party.

'Besieged' is a bit over the top judging by the photos as there looks to be about five fans there. One did have a photo of Leslie though, which is kind of weird as she isn't in the film, so they must have been hanging around with the photo on the off-chance Leslie made an appearance. How likely was that?

Anyway, the photos seem to indicate she blew off (so to speak) the autograph hunters. I have visions of that girl spending years hanging out at random locations, clutching onto her photo, waiting for Leslie to appear, only for the Bibbster to completely blank her. You FAIL girl!

*Dan gently strokes his eight autographed photos of Leslie*

Edit: 3rd August. Just discovered that Leslie's boyfriend, Sam Rockwell, is among the voice cast so it was indeed a fair bet on the part of anonymous photo girl that Leslie would be at the premiere. Doh is me.

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