Saturday, 1 August 2009

Links of the day

Carrie Prejean considers suing the Miss California organization. If she feels she's been treated badly then I fully support any potential proceedings. She's also brave to even consider it knowing that, as ever, she'll be abused for standing up for what's right. May not make it to court however, as Miss Prejean has entered pre-litigation to try and sort it all out before going to court.

AllRise lets you decide who you believe.

Christopher Rosen wonder if Jon Hamm's success could damage Mad Men's Don Draper.

Owen Gibson takes a look at ESPN's latest foray into the UK, this time with Premier League football. I actually signed up to ESPN today, after getting angry with their less-than-intuitive website. I was a Setanta subscriber until earlier this year, but ditched it as I just wasn't watching any football. However, I'm keen to watch more this season, hence my signing-up. Wonder if the subscription work on multiroom? Setanta's didn't, which was annoying.

Helena Vandyk approves of Sven Goran Eriksson's move to Nottingham.

Marcus and James are walking the length of Britain with a fridge (each).

Peter Hoskin looks at Paul Richards' analysis of Labour's Norwich North by-election defeat.

Anna Pickard on the "Wonder Women: Female Power Icons In Pop Culture" panel at Comic-Con,

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