Monday, 3 August 2009

Links of the day

TMZ has the greatest house ever sold.

Katy Perry has a good body, but it's a shame that she only has one song that anyone remembers.

FAIL Blog has a braille FAIL.

There, I Fixed It has a nice new storm door.

Ben Bradshaw interferes with the BBC again but, Mail Online, what on earth is that third paragraph doing there?

Harriet Harman doesn't believe that men can be left to run things on their own, managing to both denegrate men and patronise women at the same time. Cranmer weighs in on the matter, as does Iain Dale.

Melon Farmers reports on some Lords trying to thwart the government's plans to reclassify lap-dancing clubs as 'sex encounter establishments.

Guido Fawkes on a not-so-sweet legal threat to Quentin Letts.

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