Sunday, 9 August 2009

Links of the day

The London Paper on next year's Bridge Project at the Old Vic. It's a Shakespeare double-bill of As You like It and The Tempest, the latter replacing Chekov's Three Sisters, which was originally mooted. Cast includes Anne-Marie Duff, Stephen Dillane, Juliet Rylance and Christian Camargo, who played Dexter's brother in the eponymous series. Sam Mendes returns as director.

The Telegraph reports on a successful start to the season for Notts County, a svensational 5-0 stuffing of Bradford City. Shame that Radio Nottingham didn't bother with a commentary, considering it was at Meadow Lane. We don't pick up RADIO LEEDS very well here.

Cranmer on the confusion over exactly who is acting Prime Minister at the moment.

Laura Battle on the ukulele. I really don't care about the ukulele, but it mentions in the story that Rosamund Pike is supposedly claiming to be learning how to play, which is possibly the weirdest thing I've heard all month.

Stephanie Bell talks to BB6 contestant Orlaith McAllister. Sad to see she's living on benefits :/

Stuart Levine reports on some producers unhappy with the new Leno scheduling. He also has a story about what's happening at the FX channel.

FilmoFilia has a poster for Dorian Grey, starring Rebecca Hall.

Sarah Hemming on Brian Friel.

The Mud Cake has an awesome photo of Rosamund Pike.

FirstShowing have posters for Law Abiding Citizen, which stars Leslie Bibb. Tip to producers: more people will go and see your film if you put Miss Bibb on your posters, no matter how good they might otherwise be.

San Francisco Chronicle has a Q&A with Paul Giamatti.

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