Thursday, 13 August 2009

Links of the day

Fail Blog has a racism fail.

Neil Moxley has a pisspoor attempt at trying to convince us that we're already falling out of love with Sven. He says there's no evidence he's been to Meadow Lane since his 'unveiling'. Clearly he's overlooked the reports of real people who have seen him at games, or the TV pictures of him in his office. Maybe he thinks they were staged, like the moon landings or something...

Bobbie Johnson takes a look at what might be behind the slowing growth of Wikipedia.

Heraclitean Fire wasn't impressed by The Cherry Orchard at the Old Vic.

Playbill has the full casting announcement for Inherit The Wind. Kevin Spacey and David Trouhgton toplining, but I won't pretent to have heard of anyone else in the company, though I'm sure they'll all be lovely.

Charles Arthur on Facebook Lite.

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