Saturday, 15 August 2009

Links of the day

The Economist blackouts in Britain by 2015.

Bitter and Blue> reports on Kasper Schmeichel leaving Manchester City for Notts County. More coverage at

OnlineFlashGames has a game called 'Leslie Bibb Dress Up'. It isn't much of a game, to be honest. All you do is drag and drop clothing items onto a cartoon version of Leslie that doesn't really look all that much like her and, err, that's it!

It Was Some Kid Who Looked Like Me! doesn't agree with Carrie Prejean's views on same-sex marriage, but she's happy she voiced them. Encouraging to see that there are some bloggers out there who while not agreeing with Miss Prejean, can respond in a way that doesn't involve abusing her.

Denimology has scans of Alice Dellal in June's issue of Jalouse magazine.

AICN has a still from Avatar. It's not much in the scheme of things, but for a Cameron geek like myself it's great!

ManUtdTalk have Sky Sports News' subliminal message for Notts County's chairman.

There, I Fixed It has the Narnia door.

FAIL Blog has a door fail and a smoking fail.

Mail Online has Big Brother's Sophie in a bikini.

Hankster has put together a few stills of Carrie Prejean on Fox & Friends back in May.

Phelim O'Neill on Moon and old-skool movies special effects.

Vice gave Alice Dellal an Olympus E-P1 so she could photoblog her life.

Cranmer takes Jim Fitzpatrick to task over his walking out of a Muslim wedding.

Capone loves District 9. I can't wait to see this, but won't have to wait too long until it opens here in the UK on 4th Septmber.

Bagehot defends the NHS.

Danny Leigh takes a look back at the films of 1999.

Iain Dale on the debate about the NHS. He contends that it's impossible to have a rational debate about the NHS because anyone who expresses even mild criticism is "dumped on from a great height". I would disagree with this. There's a perpetual debate about the NHS or aspects of it, be it why more isn't being done to eliminate mixed-sex wards, the postcode lottery for various treatments, hospital cleanliness and so on and so on. What we don't seem to like here in the UK is people in other countries attacking the NHS or, as is the case in the US, wilfully distorting reality to make the NHS look bad. The message from the British public seems to be it's our NHS, so we have the right to criticise it, nobody else.

Stuart Heritage looks at the arguments for and against cancelling 24. The next season could be the last according to Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly.

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