Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Links of the day

IGN has posters for the new Bruce Willis film, Surrogates.

Mihir Bose unexpectedly quites the BBC, seemingly for 'family reasons'.

James Forsyth on the devaluation of Stephen 'Rent-A-Quote' Pound.

Contact Music reports that Rosamund Pike has forgiven Joe Wright for calling off their wedding. It still baffles me (and Rosamund) as to why he did that. Note to new readers: I cover Rosamund here as she's the reason why I got involved with the Old Vic.

Bill Clinton takes a trip to, err, North Korea.

Magpie Sam rounds-up Notts County's summer signings.

Fraser Nelson catches Ed Balls telling another porkie.

Cranmer takes the Tories to task over their candidate selection procedure.

Richard Jolly looks ahead to the new League Two season, with particular reference to Notts County.

FAIL Blog has an MRI fail. Mail Online has a Ryan O'Neal fail.

Denis MacShane thinks it's time Britain's left became a bit more critical of Hugo Chavez.

Kathryn Jean Lopez on same-sex marriage and Carrie Prejean as a "face of tolerance".

Civitas Institute announces Carrie Prejean as a speaker at their Conservative Leadership Conference next month.

Quint has a short chat with James Cameron about 3-D and Avatar.

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