Sunday, 19 July 2009

Watched yesterday

House: Emancipation - 3/5

Britain's Next Top Model: Finale - Jade should have won because her photos were stunning, but either of the final two were worthy winners. Still can't get over how different Mecea looks in her photos compared to real life - 4/5

Flight Of The Conchords: Evicted - 4/5

Criminal Minds: The Fisher King, Part 1 - the last two episodes of this first season are just plain weird - 3/5

Californication: Blues From Laurel Canyon - 4/5

Film no.2254
The Boston Strangler - Tony Curtis deserved an Oscar for his performance, not that he got one - 3/5

You've Been Framed! - there's nothing guaranteed to cheer me up more than video clips of cats doing humorous things - 4/5

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