Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Today's movie recommendations

4/5 and 5/5 rated films on British TV today.

2325 Broken Flowers (BBC One)

2315 Being John Malkovich (Film4)

0015 Being John Malkovich (Film4+1)

Sky Movies
1025 The Sixth Sense (Sky Modern Greats)
1645 Titanic (Sky Modern Greats)
1800 The American President (Sky Drama)
1845 Die Hard With A Vengeance (Sky Action/Thriller)
2000 The Bourne Ultimatum (Sky Modern Greats)
2100 Dante's Peak (Sky Action/Thriller)
2100 Die Hard (Sky Screen 2)
2200 American History X (Sky Indie)
2345 Midnight Cowboy (Sky Screen 1)
0005 Magnolia (Sky Modern Greats)
0225 Killer: A Journal Of Murder (Sky Drama)
0230 Happiness (Sky Indie)

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