Monday, 27 July 2009

Links of the day

Hercules has word on possible life for sci-fi Virtuality, co-creadted by Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore. Fox have seemingly passed on the series, though the pilot which aired in the US last month was critically well received.

Quint has seen footage from James Cameron's Avatar and he's pretty pleased with it. James Dyer has more of the same. has a long interview with Kevin Spacey. Happy 50th, Kevin!

Variety confirms a greenlight for Saw VII. Seven! They're as prolific as Woody Allen!

Yahoo! Movies have posters for Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. Use the 'next photo' link to scroll through.

TMZ reporting Michael Jackson's death "almost certainly" homicide.

Sarah Hughes on a US TV show that attempts to track down war criminals and the state of US news networks.

Empire on the return of Pirates Of The Caribbean. I still haven't mustered the will to watch the third one yet, even though I've recorded and deleted it twice.

Another franchise returning for a fourth outing is Resident Evil, with Paul WS Anderson back on directorial duties. It's in 3-D this time too. Joy. To be fair though, the RE films are OK (though nothing more). The last one in particular looked great and it's always good to see Milla Jovovich kicking ass. looks at Notts County betting for the upcoming season.

Leigh Holmwood has news on ITV1's autumn season. Among their offerings a, a five-part series called 'Collision' about a group of strangers brought together by a road accident. Hmm, sounds like Crash. Will be stripped over five consecutive nights. Hmm, sounds like Five Days. Top marks for originality!

Mail Online manage to post an article about Katie Holmes that doesn't focus on her looking tired and/or thin. She actually looks fantastic.

Cranmer on the rise of anti-semitic attacks in the UK. He also has praise for Chloe Smith, following her Norwich North by-election victory.

The Guardian readership debate the newly relaunched, postwatershed The Bill.

FAIL Blog have a hat FAIL.

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