Thursday, 23 July 2009

Links of the day

Variety has word on casting for two upcoming Patricia Cornwell novel adaptations. Nice to see Annabeth Gish getting more work. She's purty.

The Guardian looks at last weekend's UK box office.

The Jerusalem Post has an interview with a Basiji who claims to have raped young Iranian women so that they could be executed (Iranian law prohibits the execution of virgins).

Orange has the new Miss England.

FAIL Blog on the unexpected attractions of Constance Bay, Ottawa. They also have a book to sell.

The Daily Mail has Katie Price's plans for the future. Only posting this because I like the first photo.

StyleCritics cast their eyes over Leslie Bibb's recent G-Force premiere outfit.

The Sun-Sentinel looks at Florida Republicans turning to Carrie Prejean in a bid to boost their popularity among young voters.

The Crown has a new Labour logo.

Jose Lambiet on Carrie Prejean's trip to the Florida GOP.

Icons of Fright has the cover arte for the US Trick 'r Treat DVD and Blu-ray releases.

Gallery Model Girls has a few pics of Danielle Lloyd in an LBD.

The Daily Mail has Jill Halfpenny getting a little cheeky.

The Carrie Prejean has more on the book deal, and even more here.

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