Sunday, 26 July 2009

Links of the day

Danielle Lloyd strips. It's for the environment, you see...

Tom Dunmore examines the people behind the Notts County takeover. Michael Wood also takes a look at things.

Mail Online finds another excuse to post photos of Katie Price - and G-d bless them for it!

Denzel Washington signs-on for runaway train movie.

AICN has the trailer for the new Kate Beckinsale movie, Whiteout.

SDentertainment have posted a little pic of Carrie at the races, as have SDNN.

Salon has an in-depth article on and interview with Kevin Spacey.

Five acquires sci-fi drama FlashForward. It's the new Lost, apparently. The Guardian has a piece on Five cutting 25% from its programming budget.

Amazon have a DVD of Bauhaus performing at the Old Vic.

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