Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Watched yesterday

Rendition - simplistic and predictable, but the cast make it emminently watchable - 3/5

Countdown: 7th July
Dan Brusca - 100
Anne Hughes - 81
Joe Banin - 38
That's more like it, my highest ever score! Didn't get any words over 8-letters, but did get the conundrum: MENTIONED.

You Have been Watching - new vehicle for the ever-amusing Charlie Brooker. Screenwipe meets Telly Addicts. Would be better without the game show elements, which are tortuously contrived. In short, it should just been Screenwipe - 3/5

I also watched the Michael Jackson memorial. I was never really a fan of Jackson. Didn't dislike him at all, I was just indifferent. Only bought one of his records, the Scream single. However, like many people I found myself surprisingly moved by the memorial and did tear up a few times. It was hard not to feel human empathy for and be moved by some of the speakers and their heartfelt sentiments, particularly Brooke Shields who had a unique relationship with him. Also teared up when Jermaine lost it at the end of Smile and, of course, when Paris spoke at the end. All in all, a very fitting tribute.

The broadcast itself was pretty well staged for something put together on such short notice. The sound here in the UK was a bit ropey, but maybe that had something to do with weather conditions around London, which may have affected the incoming feed. Sky's Kay Burley was live outside the Staples Center and gave us this gem when setting up some VT:

Shall I tell you a little bit about his life as we prepare to celebrate his death?


Over on BBC Two, there was commentary by Trevor Nelson and Paul Gambaccini. Usually, I can't stand Gambaccini, but he was spot-on throughout. Unfortunately, Trevor Nelson lost all credibility because you could clearly hear a producer telling him exactly what to say.


Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to You Have Been Watching, but found it extremely dull. Brooker is good at being dry and sarcastic, not giggling inanely in front of his studio audience. It was the sort of thing I'd have expected him to take the piss out of, not to be taking centre stage. Did it get better?

Then he followed it up with 15 twitter posts in a row. Unfollowed him now, bet he's gutted.

Dan Brusca said...

I didn't think it was that bad. The game show elements didn't work, but the banter and VT did. Would work better in a Newsnight Review-style format.