Monday, 23 March 2009

Watched yesterday

La Antena - Near silent, retro-futurist story of a city whose inhabitants have had their voices stolen, presided over by Mr TV, the boss of the city's only TV station who plans to take more than just their voices... If I'm honest, I tuned out of the story for a while in the middle, but that's cancelled out by the film's stunning technical and artistic achievement. Visualy reminiscent of Fritz Lang, early David Lynch and Czechoslovakian animation it look amazing, quite unlike anything to appear in a cinema in years. Quite swiftly paced, but I did find myself tuning out a little in the middle as I wasn't entirely engaged with the story, but nevertheless this deserves a look - 4/5

QI XL: Food - 5/5

Great Train Journeys: Tokyo To Kagoshima - 3/5

Mad Men: Maidenform - 4/5

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