Sunday, 8 March 2009

Watched yesterday

30 Rock: Somebody To Love - 4/5

Boston Legal: Happy Trails - it would seem the the decision to cancel this show was the right one, but it's a pale shadow of its former self. Were it not for the fact I've watched every episode of every previous season, I would have stopped watching by now - 3/5

Free Agents: Episode 1.4 - 4/5

90210: We're Not In Kansas Anymore - 4/5
90210: The Jet Set - 3/5
90210: Lucky Strike - 4/5
90210: The Bubble - 4/5
Against expectations, I really rather enjoyed this. OK, that's a lie, I did actually think I might enjoy it, but still it did exceed those expectations. It is, of course, the resurrected Beverly Hills: 90210 and these early episodes at least include two of the original cast members, Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty. However it's also influenced by The O.C. and is very much filling the California high school drama slot left by that show. The new cast are all pretty good and the characters are likeable, which puts it into stark contrast with the somewhat cold Gossip Girl. My favourite? Has to be Nip/Tuck alumnus AnnaLynne McCord...

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