Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Watched yesterday

Heroes: A Clear And Present Danger - Heroes returns, got off to a slow start but the whole sequence on the plane was tremendous - 4/5

Countdown: 3rd March
Kirk Bevins - 69
Dan Brusca - 66
Fiona Shaw - 61
Maybe this guy isn't so invincible after all. I beat him to the conundrum - MITIGATED. Incidentally, the score of 127 he achieved on Monday was apparently a record for a Countdown debut.

Law & Order UK: Unloved - kept daydreaming about Lego while watching this, so didn't properly engage with it - 3/5

America's Next Top Model: Natural Beauty - seriously, how the fuck could they boot Clark out instead of Joslyn? Is it because Joslyn's the only black girl left? - 4/5

The Daily Show: 2nd March - 3/5

Heston's Victorian Feast - decided to watch this on a whim and am pleased I did, because it was thoroughly entertaining. While I've always been aware of Blumenthal and his unusual dishes, I've never watched any of his programmes before. It really is most interesting how he concocts receipes - 4/5

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