Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Watched yesterday

Law & Order UK: Vice - probably the best thing on ITV now and one of their bestshows in recent years. Simple really, a well-written script combined with quality production values and a capable cast produces good TV. Worth noting that these episodes are based on US ones. Given the culture of executive interference over at ITV it's hard to imagine original UK episodes coming out as successfully - 4/5

America's Next Top Model: The Fiercee Awards - WTF? How the fuck did Samantha (aka Pat Butcher) survive ahead of Lauren Brie, who produced some amazing shots? There seems no logic to those judges at all - 4/5

ER: Let It Snow - ER seems to be very much treading water in this final season, but it's not without its occasional signs of life, as evidenced in the unexpected and dramatic conclusion to this episode - 3/5

Kitchen Nightmares: Jack's, St Clair Shore, Michigan - 4/5

Heston's Medieval Feast - 4/5

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