Saturday, 14 March 2009

Watched yesterday

Flashpoint: Planets Aligned - 5/5

Mad Men: The Benefactor - 4/5

Mad Men: Three Sundays - 4/5

Heroes: Trust And Blood - 4/5

Heroes: Building 26 - 4/5

30 Rock: Cougars - 4/5

30 Rock: Secrets And Lies - 4/5

I also watched over four hours of Comic Relief. Good intentions aside, the standard of comedy on offer was very poor. The highlight was Harry Hill, right at the beginning, but the rest was dross. Especially poor were the French and Saunders Mamma Mia! parody (if ever there was a film beyond parody, surely it's Mamma Mia!) and the excruciatingly bad 'computer says no' sketch with David Walliams and Catherine Tate.

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