Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 2nd March
Kirk Bevins - 127
Ann Abel - 54
Dan Brusca - 47
I'm thinking that I'm not going to do very well for the next seven episodes...

Lost: The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham - 4/5

Margaret - story of the final days of Maragaret Thatcher as Prime Minister. Overlong and, for the most part, lacking dramatic tension. Would have been much better coming in under 90 minutes. Not without its pleasures though, including Kevin McNally's Kenneth Clarke and Michael Maloney as John Major, portrayed as a faintly sinister background figure, biding his time at home under the pretence of recovering from dnetal surgery - 3/5

One missed from Sunday:

Gran Torino - a retired, racist, widower finds his prejudices challenged when a Hmong family move in next door. What could have just been a formulaic, cliche-ridden story is raised to another level by te magnetic presence of Clint Eastwood in the lead role (which he says will be his last acting performance) - 4/5

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