Thursday, 5 March 2009

Daily Mail in 'flawless' Katie Holmes shock!

From Mail Online today:
As Hollywood wife to Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes is under enormous pressure to keep up her sleek and stylish look, usually in the latest designer fashions.

So fans will understand why the 30-year-old might enjoy letting her down in an edgy role in her new movie, The Extra Man.

In contrast to her usual flawless appearance, Katie's free-spirited character wears Jamaican hair beads, usually favoured by young children.

Usual flawless appearance, Mr Mail? That's not what you said on 2nd March:
Frail and dishevelled Katie Holmes steps out for dinner... looking anything but A-list

Or 23rd February:
Katie Holmes looks even thinner after extreme diet

Or 4th February:
Thinning Katie Holmes exposes her bony breastplate in badly chosen low-cut dress

Or 3rd February:
Katie Holmes looks thin and less than curvy in unflattering swimsuit

Or 21st January:
What's happened to Katie? Mrs Cruise looks thinner than ever as she joins Tom at his premiere

Or 1st January:
Are death threats by Scientology haters why Katie Holmes is looking so miserable?

Or 31st December:
Strain shows on Katie Holmes as Cruise steps up security due to 'death threats'

Or 21st December:
Gaunt, tired and run-down: Katie Holmes juggles the demands of motherhood and Broadway

I could go on ad infinitum, but you get the idea...

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