Thursday, 26 February 2009

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 25th February
Neil Zussman - 87
Dan Brusca - 64
Sheila Box - 48
Zussman becomes an octochamp, but I at least had the consolation of beating him to the conundrum - CREEPIEST

Law & Order UK: Care - found the US version a bit tedious, but thought I would give this a go and was pleasantly surprised because I found it very entertaining. Not quite adjusted to Jamie 'BSG' Bamber with a British accent though! - 4/5

America's Next Top Model: Fierce Eyes - seriously, Samantha looked exactly like Pat Butcher from Eastenders during the runway challenge. Hannah's gone :( - 4/5

The Daily Show: 24th February - 4/5

Grand Designs: Episode 9.5 (or is it 9.6?) - 4/5

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Anonymous said...

It's just wrong. I kept expecting him to start talking about cylons. It's like when Tuvoc showed up on Samantha Who. Just wrong.