Friday, 20 February 2009

Leslie Bibb, cover girl in Poland!

Anyone who knows me properly knows I'm a fan of actress Leslie Bibb. I run a fansite for her, but find myself having little time to update it properly. For the time being at least, I'll iindulge my fandom with random Bibb-related posts to this blog instead.

Anyway, this is a cover scan from a Polish TV guide that I recently purchased off eBay. Leslie doesn't make it to the cover of too many magazines (understandably though, because she isn't really famous) so I'm quite pleased to see her get this attention.

I think I've got most of the magazines where she's been on the cover: 944 Los Angeles (08/00), Fit (10/00), Cosmo Girl (10/00), Seventeen (11/00), Gear (12/00), FHM US (05/02), Steppin' out (10/03/04, 19/04/??), Stuff (08/06) and Jack (01/08).

Interesting to see what TV channels they get over in Poland. Pretty much just as many as we do here in the UK by the looks of things. There's the big players like TVP and TVN, presumably comparable to the likes of the BBC and ITV here, plus all manner of smaller channels and localised versions of American channels like TCM, Sci Fi, Eurosport, the Discovery channels, MTV and so on. Much to my envy, they also get Comedy Central and HBO. They even get three BBC channels: BBC Lifestyle, BBC Entertainment and BBC Knowledge.

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