Friday, 6 February 2009

My new old TV

Just over a year ago, my gran moved into a care home. This week, I finally got round to arranging for her rental TV to be collected, the continual sticking point always being that they couldn't give a time to pick it up and I wasn't prepared to spend a day sitting scratching my arse all day waiting around for them.

Anyway, got it all sorted on Monday for a collection on the 20th.

This morning, I get a call from the rental company asking if, as my gran was a loyal customer for any years, I would like to keep the TV for £20. Personally, I can live without another TV, especially a nothing special 4:3 set, so declined the offer, at which point the woman said to me "OK then, you can have it for free".

Clearly there's not much market for 20 year-old TV sets these days, so no point in even collecting them from renters. End result, I have a new old TV that I don't want and which will probably just end up going off with the house clearance people.

Cheeky fuckers for trying to wangle £20 out of me first though...

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