Monday, 16 February 2009

Watched yesterday

Hustle: The Road Less Travelled - no idea what that episode title has to do with the actual show, but never mind. Suitably enjoyable end to the best series of Hustle in years, thanks to a concerted effort to remove the smugness - 4/5

Flashpoint: Who's George - 4/5

My Name Is Earl: Stole A Motorcycle - 3/5

Free Agents: Episode 1.1 - very funny and often a little too close to home new sitcom starring Stephen Mangan and the goddess-like genius that is Sharon Horgan. Yay for potty mouth! - 5/5

Kitchen Nightmares - 3/5

Boston Legal: Dances With Wolves - 3/5

The Look: Uniform and Function - 3/5

The Look: Yves Saint Laurent - 4/5

Sanctuary: Episode 1.1 - tried to get into this sci-fi, but fuck was it boring. I think I did very well to get half way - 1/5

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