Sunday, 8 February 2009

I admit it, you're morons

Here's a headline from the Mail's website today:
'My split with Brad made me superhuman', admits Jennifer Aniston as she prepares to turn 40

Admits? Admits?!

Is that as in "OK, OK, I admit it, I'm superhuman. Ya got me!"

Oh Jen, hun, you silly thing.

Seriously though, that's a stupid choice of word. It's like admitting to being fantastic or admitting to having a great hairstyle. You don't generally admit to positives, you admit to negatives like pinching the last chocolate digestive or not doing your homework when, actually, no the dog didn't eat it.

And what's with this "prepares to turn 40"? What's she doing, stocking up a basement with bottled water and beans in case of an apocalypse? Child-proofing her apartment lest 40 renders her with the mental age of a two-year old?

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