Saturday, 27 June 2009

Watched yesterday

Californication: Going Down And Out In Beverly Hills - 4/5

Countdown: 26th June
Innis Carson - 115
Dan Brusca - 67
Martyn Brewer - 57
Got an 8-letterr word: ANTERIOR. Looks like Innis is going to becom an octochamp though.

Radiohead Live At Eurockeenes - great gig, but I wonder how many potential Sky Arts viewers were lost when the announcer incorrectly said it was a 1997 gig, rather than a 2007 one - 5/5

Also watched as much Glastonbury as possible. Highlights so far:

1. The Ting Tings
2. The Specials
3. Lily Allen - awesome Womanizer cover
4. VV Brown
5. Lady Gaga was OK, she only has one decent song though. However, this is partially compensated for by the fact she knows how to entertain a crowd and likes wearing latex. Always a good thing.

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