Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 22nd June
Jacqueline Baker - 90
Dan Brusca - 77
Kate Black - 44
So series 61 begins in earnest. I'm pretty sure they've changed a few things, most notably the camera focuses in on the letters board much more closely, which means we don't get to see Rachel's legs, which is disappointing. Rachel's changed her hairstyle and she seems to be smiling a lot more, but it looks forced. Her face was a bit shiny as well. Odd. As for this episode, I spotted two 8-letter words - DEFILERS and STRAINED - and the conundrum, SERVICING.

Big Brother: Day 17 - 4/5

Also watched most of the coverage of the election of Speaker, right from the first ballot results through to the theatrics of the royal approbation and Bercow's brief first session as in the job. Looking forward to PMQs tomorrow, though I'll have to wait until late tomorrow night to watch it as I'm in London for the day.

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