Friday, 5 June 2009

Watched yesterday

Flight Of The Conchords: Murray Takes It To The Next Level - 4/5

Dollhouse: Stage Fright - the only reason I'm sticking with this is because I heard it gets good around episode 6. I may not make it that far though - 2/5

Countdown: 4th June
Chris Kirby - 99
Hans Farley - 47
Dan Brusca - 42

The Daily Show: 2nd June - 4/5

America's Got Talent - apparently not - 2/5

Big Brother Launch Show - liking the fact they're currently living in one room with no furniture, but as yet I'm not really liking any of the non-housemates themselves, with the exception of Sophie, who is gorgeous and will therefore probably be gone very soon. Interestingly, there don't appear to be be many attractive females in there this year, just Sophie and Karly really. Noirin maybe but she's already had her eyebrows shaved off and will have to wander around for days with spectacles and a flase moustache drawn on her face, such is the price one pays for transient fame. Loving Davina's continued commitment to fetish though - 3/5


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen any Dollhouse yet, but surely anything with Eliza Dushku has to at least be enjoyable to watch?

Dan Brusca said...

You would think so, but mostly it's just tedious.

It's also massively implausible, employing technology in a present day setting that we're unlikely to see in more than a hundred years, with no attempt at an explanation as to how that might be possible.

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's a shame. Still, I'll give it a go when I get a chance - pretty sure I could watch her for hours.