Friday, 26 June 2009

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 24th June
Clive Brooker - 60
Nilesh Patel - 55
Dan Brusca - 53
Spotted two 8-letter words: IMPLORED and PETERING.

Countdown: 25th June
Innis Carson - 106
Clive Brooker - 68
Dan Brusca - 42
A bit dismal. Went five consecutive rounds without a point :/ Heartened by Rachel's LBD though!

Big Brother: Day 20 - 3/5

Flight Of The Conchords: Prime Minister - 4/5

Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter: Stateside - 4/5

Question Time - an awful lot of parsimonious guff being spouted by the panel, but at least Leanne Wood spouted hers in a lovely welsh accent. Interesting that Jim McKnight couldn't bring himself to explicitly endorse the pay package of the new RBS chief executive - 3/5

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