Saturday, 30 May 2009

Watched yesterday

Fringe: Midnight - 4/5

Britain's Next Top Model - wrong choice to go :/ - 4/5

Dollhouse: The Target - a big improvement over the shambolic pilot episode. Much more focus and story arcs are beginning to be laid out. Worth giving it at least one more episode - 3/5

The Mentalist: Red Birch And Ivy - not sure I'm going to stick with this. It's a bit bland - 3/5

Californication: The Raw And The Cooked - 4/5

Grey's Anatomy: Elevator Love Letter - 4/5

Previously On ER - a trip down memory lane to mark the end of the series forever. Good to see Sherry Stringfield looking amazing, but there wasn't nearly enough Maria Bello or Jorja Fox and not a single mention of my girl Leslie :/ - 4/5

Countdown: 29th May
Dan Brusca - 78
James Doohan - 69
Margaret Oliver - 38

Britain's Got Talent - the right two went through, but oh the drama! - 4/5

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