Monday, 25 May 2009

Watched yesterday

ER: I Feel Good - 3/5

Derren Brown: An Evening Of Wonders - absolutely fantastic and all the more so because he doesn't claim to have any kind of psychic powers. Really makes you wonder how he does it - 5/5

Britain's Got Talent: 1st Semi-Final - there's an air of depressing inevitibility to his, with Susan Boyle surely destined to win on Saturday, even if last night showed her to be a fairly average singer. Diversity were by far and away the best act, so they deserved to go through, even if Simon Cowell had to make a little girl cry to do it. On balance, I would have preferred Faces of Disco to go through as I found them quite funny. Which reminds me, wasn't Amanda Holden a bit of a hypocrite? She clearly had a problem with Piers and Simon's reactions to Julia Naidenko, yet she was drooling all over Faces of Disco. Ho-hum - 4/5

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