Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Watched yesterday

Shameless: Episode 6.10 - this season, with the Paddy on heroin storyline, has really picked up - 4/5

Fringe: Inner Child - 4/5

90210: By Accident - 4/5

Britain's Next Top Model: Episode 5.1 - a mess of an episode to start the new series, not helped by the fact the 2am repeat I recorded was inexplicably 30 minutes shorter than the 9pm one, so felt like it had been edited with a machete. The whole bootcamp setup was clunky and Huggy's photoshoot was pisspoor. The new judge is a ridiculously camp milliner who looks like he's walked in from Zoolander. As for the models themselves, half of them appear pretty grim and it would appear Jimmy Hill chins are much in vogue this season. Sigh. Anyway, things can presumably only get better and next week we're treated to a guest appearance from ANTM's J. Alexander, something akin to Robert De Niro appearing on-stage with my local am-dram - 2/5

Countdown: 21st April
James Robinson - 95
Karyn Cooke - 71
Dan Brusca - 55
So much for any hope of winning now the octochamp has gone. I was pants! Got the conundrum though: LIVELIEST. Still think STARRIED should be a word.

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