Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Today's movie recommendations

4/5 and 5/5 rated films on British TV today.

2200 Children Of Men (ITV4)

2300 Children Of Men (ITV4+1)

Sky Movies
0855 The War Of The Roses (Sky Comedy)
1035 The Conversation (Sky Modern Greats)
1200 The Kingdom (Sky Action/Thriller)
1255 The Godfather (Sky Modern Greats)
1310 Sunshine (Sky Sci-Fi/Thriller)
1555 Blade Runner: The Final Cut (Sky Modern Greats)
1655 Notes On A Scandal (Sky Screen 2)
2000 No Country For Old Men (Sky Premiere)
2000 Alien 3 (Sky Action/Thriller)
2000 Rocky Balboa (Sky Drama)
2000 The Godfather (Sky Modern Greats)
2100 No Country For Old Men (Sky Premiere+1)
2100 Sunshine (Sky Sci-Fi/Thriller)
2200 The Kingdom (Sky Action/Thriller)
2200 Platoon (Sky Drama)
2200 Control (Sky Indie)
2300 The Conversation (Sky Modern Greats)
0100 Magnolia (Sky Modern Greats)
0120 The War Of The Roses (Sky Comedy)
0125 Summer Of Sam (Sky Screen 2)
0205 Requiem For A Dream (Sky Indie)

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