Sunday, 4 April 2010

Watched yesterday

Homicide: Life On The Street: Gone For Goode - 4/5

Las Vegas: Like A Virgin - 3/5

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour - 4/5
A promising start for the Moffatt/Smith iteration of the series. Matt Smith is a natural in the role and Karen Gillan should prove to be a feisty companion (loved her seamed stockings too). New Doctor episodes are always tricky because there's there's always a degree of exposition required to set up the relationship with the new companion, but Moffatt's approach was genius. The putative storyline about 'Prisoner Zero' was actually a little weak and had a few oh-so convenient cop-outs, but it ably served the purposes of establishing characters and setting up long-term story and character arcs. Moffat's script showed some sharp wit too. The preview trailer for the rest of the series held much interest, not least appearances by Bill Nighy, Helen Baxendale (I think) and a Dalek in army colours. There's much to look forward to.

Have I Got A Bit More News For You - 4/5

The Good Wife: Lifeguard - 3/5

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