Monday, 12 April 2010

Today's movie recommendations

2300 Straw Dogs (Five)

2100 Enemy At The Gates (Film4)
2200 Payback (Five USA)
2300 Children Of Men (ITV4)

2200 Enemy At The Gates (Film4+1)
2300 Payback (Five USA+1)
0000 Children Of Men (ITV4+1)

Sky Movies
1005 Air Force One (Sky Showcase)
1205 Alien 3 (Sky Modern Greats)
1300 RocknRolla (Sky Crime/Thriller)
1315 Cloverfield (Sky Sci-Fi/Horror)
1335 Once (Sky Indie)
1420 The Rock (Sky Action/Adventure)
1620 The Last Of The Mohicans (Sky Modern Greats)
1640 Batman Forever (Sky Action/Adventure)
1845 Executive Decision (Sky Action/Adventure)
2100 The Rock (Sky Action/Adventure)
2100 Cloverfield (Sky Sci-Fi/Horror)
2100 RocknRolla (Sky Crime/Thriller)
2200 Alien 3 (Sky Modern Greats)
0000 The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas (Sky Drama/Romance)
0005 Con Air (Sky Modern Greats)
0350 The Hunt For Red October (Sky Showcase)

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