Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Watched yesterday

Countdown: 15th March
Kirk Bevins - 81
Chris Davies - 70
Dan Brusca - 37
A lame score, but I have a good excuse. This was a special one-off head-to-head between the last two Countdown champions, so the standard was going to be high. It didn't help that Rachel changed the large numbers in the numbers round, so I had to contend with 12 and 37 (the other two numbers didn't appear). As it turned out, I actually beat both Bevins and Davies on the second numbers game thanks to my superior knowledge of the 37-times-table. My words: VISTAS, DEEMING, PEDALOS and LOANERS.

United States of Tara: Aftermath - 4/5
Oooh, I do like Alice.

24: Day 8, 1am-2am - 3/5

In Treatment: Jake & Amy, Week 6 - 3/5

I forgot to mention last week that I watched some of the Eurovision show on BBC One last Friday. I didn't see the two acts that were eliminated initially, but if the pisspoor standard of the final three is anything to go by they must have been truly woeful. The song is very much Stock and Waterman (Aitken, wisely, didn't participate), which may have been OK for the late 80s and early 90s, but it's hopelessly out of date for today's Eurovision. Peter Waterman was on 5 Live last week saying that when we heard the song, we wouldn't be able to get it out of our heads. Unfortunately for him I came away with last year's winning song in my head, which was performed just before the winner was announced. Expect us to crash and burn in Oslo.

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