Sunday, 14 March 2010

Watched yesterday

QIXL: Greeks and Gods - 4/5

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Birthright, Part 2
Conclusion of a dull Worf-centric two-parter, no doubt one of those episodes where they cut the budget to fund better episodes at other times.

Harry Hill's TV Burp - 4/5
I love this, but if you turn the sound down it looks for all the world like the kind of Italian TV show that Clive James would mock on his shows of the 1980s and 90s.

Film 2334
Antichrist - 4/5
Undoubtedly heavy-going, but I'm glad to live in a country where such an explicit work can be show on TV without cuts. Charlotte Gainsbourg gives a tremendous performance, rightly recognised at Cannes, but which makes a mockery of Sandra Bullock winning the Oscar last weekend.

What Katie Did Next - 3/5
Katie, I love you an all, but half an episode (no, really) talking about the alarm on your sunbed is perhaps a little much!

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