Monday, 28 December 2009

Watched yesterday

Film no. 2314
Sherlock Holmes - 3/5
Somewhat disappointed by this because, to be frank, it's just a bit dull. It ambles along amiably enough and there are a few virtuoso action sequences, but the storyline isn't remotely compelling and Jude Law is practically invisible.

Family Guy: Lets Go To The Hop - 2/5

The Secret Life Of The Airport: Joining The Jet Set - 3/5

The Secret Life Of The Airport: The Final Approach - 4/5

You've Been Framed And Famous! - 1/5
I usually love YBF! but this was tediously repetitive.

Modern Family: Coal Digger - 4/5
My new favourite TV show.

Modern Family: Run For Your Wife - 5/5

Harry Hill's TV Burp Review Of The Year - 4/5

Modern Family: En Garde - 4/5

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