Monday, 14 December 2009

Watched yesterday

Film no. 2308
Where The Wild Things Are - 3/5
A kids' film for sure, but it does have an undercurrent of menace, a pervading sense of melancholy and a visual inventiveness that will appeal to all audiences.

Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before - 3/5

Star Trek The Next Generation: Aquiel - 2/5

30 Rock: Generalissimo - 4/5

Paradox: Episode 1.3 - 2/5

Nip/Tuck: Manny Skerritt - 4/5

QI: Games - 4/5

The Solitary Life Of Cranes - 4/5

The X Factor - 4/5
I could not care less about Joe winning and have no interest in his future career, but overall it was an entertaining show when watched with the aid of Sky+. However, the whole show was stolen by Paul McCartney and I would venture more people are waking up this morning with Live And Let Die in their heads than the X Factor single.

Misfits: Episode 1.5 - 4/5

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